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Iron Man 3: A new ‘NEW’ for Marvel!


First things first – Jon Favreau’s Iron Man films were great and will always be great.

 Now that we’re done with all that crap, WOAH! Good going Shane Black. You have successfully allowed the first post-avengers film in the Marvel universe to outshine everything we’ve seen before.

Where do I start? Okay, I think I know. There’s this very famous line in The Avengers, in which Captain America asks Iron Man Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?”

Mr. Stark very….bluntly answered that with an even more famous one liner “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”. Well, he may be all that, and much more! Yet, can he actually do anything without this suit of armour of his?

This film was brilliantly crafted to answer this question. It made Stark question himself! I mean why not? The man has been through a worm hole, he has seen Gods and aliens! What is he when compared to them? His armour can break and not be with him, while people out there have super human strength and a hammer which produces lightning!

Since that big dude with the hammer fell out of the sky, subtlety kinda went out the window”, said Guy Pearce’s character. According to me, this dialogue sums up the ideology behind this movie. What is Tony Stark in front of these people? He’s just a human being! A mechanic! What can he do?

Shane Black looks into this one hell of a concept and gives us an answer never imagined before, with his realistic-yet-unbelievable style of direction.

Talking about his style, I have to say, the way Shane Black developed this movie was quite lovely. The action, the comedy and the drama were just moving together. One minute Happy Hogan (Jon Farveau) is cracking jokes about being Iron Man’s bodyguard and other minute, Iron Man is declaring war against an internationally feared terrorist in one of the most impulsive and foolish manners I have ever seen, just for Happy!

Other than that, the movie develops Tony’s character. He gets to know that he’s a real life hero, not only a super hero, but a real life hero! Iron Man is Tony Stark, with or without a suit. The suit wouldn’t exist without him and that’s why no one else can ever be Iron Man. Moreover, we see him develop a relationship with a kid who helps him fight “The Mandarin”, which if you ask me was a sweet sight.

We also see Tony and Pepper’s relationship develop as Tony fights against all odds to save that one thing which matters the most to him, leading him to eventually make some comprises to be happy and let Pepper be happy.

Another interesting thing about the movie was that even though Rhodey’s (Don Cheadle) suit is redesigned (War Machine becomes Iron Patriot and gets painted red, blue and white) we see him outside of the suit, for quite a lot of time too. While Tony uses his brain to survive, Rhodey uses all the skills and tactics which he has developed as a colonel. Point being: He can kick ass. With or without a suit.

So, now we know that this movie is awesome. What else? Well, Ben Kingsley (in an interview with the Empire) said that “Iron Man 3 is all about the masks”, and after seeing the movie, I can very well say that he was right!

Everyone in this movie is wearing a mask, except the guy who should be wearing it. How do I put this? Whatever you assume…it’s all wrong! The movie is full of surprises. While watching it, you should expect the unexpected!

Talking about surprises, this movie also has a different feeling towards itself. It’s about being a detective and solving a great mystery, somewhat similar to what Nolan made Batman do in his Dark Knight trilogy.

Overall, I believe Iron Man 3 is a great film. While I do feel the movie lacked some action, I believe that the special effects used and Shane Black’s touch of comedy, drama and even bromance between Rhodey and Stark makes up for it.